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Hoarse, Tired, Weak, Scratchy Voice Ruining Your Work?

Tony Robbins. Rachel Hollis. Dr. Daniel Amen. Brendon Burchard. And 125,361+ Trust Their Voices To Roger Love

Discover The Voice-Based Solution Celebrity Speakers Credit With Saving Their Careers

Stop Losing My Voice! (Just $7)

What if the WAY you speak is THE REASON you’re constantly losing your voice?

Discover the most trusted, sustainable solution for vocal stamina and rejuvenation that works on the source—your VOICE.

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  • BONUS #1: Roger Love’s Signature Daily Vocal Warmups (MP3)
  • BONUS #2: Fast Fixes for Vocal Revival (PDF)

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Roger Love’s "Never Lose Your Voice Again” Program

You’re going to get instant, unlimited access to “Never Lose Your Voice Again” online program, including my 3-Part Formula for Vocal Stamina. 

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Hear what they're saying about Roger Love's Techniques...


Dr. Daniel Amen

"I don't lose my voice anymore."


Chalene Johnson

"I would lose my voice every single time I spoke…Now I'm able to do 4-day seminars."


Dr. Daniel Amen

"I don't lose my voice anymore."

Chalene Johnson

"I would lose my voice every single time I spoke…Now I'm able to do 4-day seminars."

Rachel Hollis

“My throat’s not sore.”


Brendon Burchard

“If I didn’t have Roger’s technique to recover my voice…I would have been ruined.”

Celebrity Voice Coach Reveals The Most Trusted
3-Part Formula for Vocal Stamina

If you want to speak day and night without getting tired or hoarse, you need to know the 3 parts of my FORMULA to Never Lose Your Voice Again:


Retrain the way you speak, so you get the most endurance and power from your vocal instrument. 


Know what foods and drinks to avoid, and which to increase, for peak vocal performance. 


Own a trusted Vocal Revival Routine, so you can rejuvenate your voice when fatigue strikes.

When Careers Are On The Line, This Is The Man They Call:

Meet Roger Love, The Most Trusted Voice Coach In America

Does this sound like you?

“I worry my voice won’t be there when I need it.”

“I can’t get through the workday without losing my voice.”

“I really want to do a…

TEDx Talk * Big Client Presentation * Podcast * Audiobook * Keynote * Coaching Gig * Media Tour * Online Course * Consulting Gig * Lecturing Gig * Multi-Day Event

…but I can’t, because I keep losing my voice.” 

"My voice gets so tired throughout the day, I can only take a handful of appointments. That’s time I can’t be earning money.”

"When I have a long day ahead, the first signs of soreness make me panic."

Here’s What You’re Going to Get, Today



You’re going to get instant, unlimited access to “Never Lose Your Voice Again” online program, including my 3-Part Formula for Vocal Stamina. 


  • My  5-Step System to Keep Speaking Without Going Hoarse, Even When Your Schedule Is Nonstop--if you do workshops, intensive coaching, and media tours, you need this!
  • Isolate the Top Reasons You Keep Losing Your Voice 
  • Sustainable solutions that FIGHT VOCAL FATIGUE at the SOURCE--your voice.  


  • BUST throat remedy MYTHS that could be making your hoarse voice even WORSE. 
  • Step-by-step strategies for what to eat, drink, and avoid before speaking gigs so that your voice is primed for peak performance! 
  • Dispel the dangerous “common knowledge” that’s stealing your voice & sabotaging your ability to speak day & night without getting hoarse


  • Vocal Revival Routine: When you need to rejuvenate your voice, this is the track you want to have at your fingertips. 
  • The exact vocal exercises that my celebrity speaking clients swear by for strengthening their vocal endurance--don’t take a gig without having these exercises saved on your phone!

Here's What You Get:

Yours Today For $497


(And YES, you’re fully protected by Roger’s SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.)

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Enjoy fun, step-by-step VIDEO TRAINING that make learning my Formula simple, even if you’ve never had voice coaching before. (And even if your kids say you’re tone deaf when you sing “Happy Birthday.")


You’ll save $490.00!

People normally pay $497.00 for this valuable training. But when you enroll today, you’ll get “Never Lose Your Voice Again” online video training AND all of these bonuses for a one-time payment of just $7.

Real People. Real Results.

If you depend on your voice to consult, teach, coach, advise, lead or sell...

Your livelihood depends on your voice being there when you need it. 

My "Never Lose Your Voice Again" Program Helps Professionals Like You...

Anthony Robbins
Author & Motivational Speaker

"It wasn't until I met Roger Love that I gained 100% certainty that my voice would perform the way I expect and need it to."

Miho Noguchi
Spokesperson & Voice Over Artist

"I love this!! I used to have my voice flip over when I keep speaking for a long time which is so embarrassing but since I started diaphragmatic breathing it's not happening anymore."

Kevin Ward
Real Estate Success Coach

"I do multi-day events several times a year and never lose my voice thanks to your training. I do 8-hour days of speaking for 2 and 3 days and my voice stays strong the entire time thanks to the techniques and skills you gave me. I am forever grateful for the way you have changed my life and business...and my voice. Thanks, my Friend."

Luis Noriega
Business Coach

"I have a presentation to give in 1 hour and am excited because I feel prepared after doing these exercises."

Tracy McCubbin
Author, Speaker & Expert

"You changed my life in ways, I never saw coming. I came to you because I didn't want to 'lose my voice' anymore and instead you helped me find my true voice. Through our work together, I booked my first paid keynote speech, my recording of my audio book is in the top 100 in three different categories on Amazon and I am able to do interviews. My love and gratitude for you are overflowing."

Greg Smith
Chairman of the Board, Professor, Expert, Coach, & Keynote Speaker

"One HUGE additional benefit of learning Roger's secrets is having a strong speaking voice all day long. My voice is as strong or stronger as it was at 6 AM with no strain or discomfort! Would have never been able to accomplish this without Roger's wisdom and methods."

As Easy As “Follow Along With Me”

As Certain As My Guarantee

Try “Never Lose Your Voice Again” For 14 Days With My SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

My hope is that your voice, life, and career are transformed by the new-found confidence and dependability that you’ll get from the training inside “Never Lose Your Voice Again.” However, the Formula can’t work if you don’t learn and practice it. That’s why, in order to be eligible for any refund, you must submit proof that you did the coursework.

Just watch all the videos and follow my recommendations for 14 days. On Day 15, if you don’t notice a difference, just show us your work for a full refund.

Stop Losing My Voice!

Roger Answers Your Questions

Get Roger Love's “Never Lose Your Voice Again”

Here's What You Get:

Yours Today For Just $497


(And YES, you’re fully protected by Roger’s SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.)

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